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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 18, 2013 3:00am-4:00am PST

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in the show. some sad news to start off the week about troubled country music star mindy mccready. place say she took her own life yesterday at her home in arkansas. her body was found on the front porch with a single bullet to the head. >> she had been on the top of the country charts since the mid '90s until personal problems derailed her career. just last month her boyfriend died under mysterious circumstances. she entered rehab. she was 37 years old. she leaves behind two young children. as investigators look into the murder of his girlfriend, olympic runner oscar pistorius is in a south african jail before his bail hearing tomorrow. there are reports about what could be a key piece of evidence in all of this, a bloody cricket bat found at his home after reeva steenkamp's death. it's believed it could have been used in an argument leading up to the fatal shooting. her body has been released by police.
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her private funeral is set for tomorrow. in iraq, a reminder of the recent and deadly past after back-to-back explosions. multiple car bombs went off within minutes yesterday in baghdad. nearly 40 people were killed and over 100 wounded. the bombings come as sectarian tensions escalate. this was the third time this month attacks claimed more than 20 lives in a single day. meanwhile in libya, fireworks marked the second anniversary of the uprising that toppled moammar gadhafi. tens of thousands of people filled tripoli's tahrir's quer libya's leader called for unity and promised to not allow libya to become what he called an incubator of terrorism and violence. to the vatican now where the pope will be out of the public eye for the entire week for the traditional lenten period of
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reflection and prayer. when he does reemerge, it will be to say his final goodbyes. abc's david wright reports from rome. >> reporter: at least 50,000 roman catholics came to say goodbye. but the pope kept it business as usual. even though he'll appear in that window just one more time before he makes way for someone else. >> the crowd was here for benedict today. it mattered probably more to them than him. >> reporter: behind the scenes, the focus also already turned to choosing his successor. a process that's always followed strict rules. perhaps the cardinals won't wait the usual 15 days to start the election. but from so quarters strong objection. only the pope can change pope law. for him to do so now might look like he's meddling. his retirement has already shaken the process up. "saturday night live" parodied that idea with a retirement ad. one more change this time around, twitter. nine cardinals do it, but they won't be allowed to once inside
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the conclave because the vatican doesn't want a tweet to upstage the white smoke. david wright, abc news, the vatican. >> talk about two -- the juxtapositions of two different eras. >> talking about years, decades, centuries ago with the white smoke and modern day twitter. but i have a feeling none of the cardinals would tweet something like that out. >> i think they take the secrecy very seriously. hard to believe they would violate that in any way. >> that's right. and actually there's no exact date set for when the start of a formal discussion of his replacement is going to start. so we could be months away or days away. >> this hasn't happened for at least 600 years. so how long of a gap do they want? no one likes too open a period of leadership. you want to get it done quickly.
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does the process jive with that a little bit. >> how do we deal with having no pope but having a pope that's alive? >> they haven't done that in centuries either. but benedict did say look, i will be hidden entirely. once i retire, good night, god bless. i am done with it. he will be quiet. moving on to this. more political maneuvering around the nomination of chuck hagel as defense secretary. republican opponents say the vote should go forward unless more damaging material surfaces this week. the earliest that the nomination could go before the senate is a week from today. and there's also plenty of political posturing over the issue of immigration reform. republicans and democrats are predicting president obama would fail if he pushes forward with his own effort to overhaul the system. under that white house plan, green card in eight years. top republican lawmakers don't like that. >> by giving advantage to those who cut in front of the line for immigrants who came here legally, not dealing with border
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security adequately, that tells us that he's looking for a partisan advantage. >> i hope that republicans and democrats up there don't get involved in some kind of typical washington back and forth sideshow here. and rather just roll up their sleeves and get to work. >> the white house says the president would push his own plan only if lawmakers cannot get the job done. the white house has been working for quite a while on an immigration plan. so what happened over the weekend is that was leaked out to the press. "usa today" did a big story saying this is what the president is working on. the president said if congress doesn't do its thing, i will send my own bill. >> this is a plan b, this is not what the president is going to propose on its own even if congress moves forward. it's important people know that -- the president saying -- or the white house saying we did not deliberately leak this information out there. not like we try to get our word out before we do anything. if they don't come up with a plan that we can use or that we
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like or that we want to use. we want to be ready. and that's smart. >> interesting to part out, senator marco rubio gave the republican rebuttal to the state of the union. he saw what was leaked and called the plan half baked and seriously flawed. political analysts think nothing will get done unless rubio is on board. he blasted the president's plan over the weekend. so where this goes from here should be very interesting. >> interesting to see where we go. drivers are paying record high prices for gas for this time of year any way. aaa says the average price for a gallon is $3.71. prices have jumped 13% over the past week. the increase in costs are blamed on refinery problems and supply concerns and analysts predict no relief this spring when demand goes up. attention all you beef lovers, get ready to pay more for your steaks and hamburgers. word is that beef prices are now expected to increase as much as
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10% by the summer. demand is blamed for driving those prices up, even as the nation's herd is at the lowest levels in six decades. the bottom line, that summer barbecue is going to cost you. >> oh, man. how many times have you told your kids turn off the tv? a new medical study gives you a reason to crack down. the journal "pediatrics" shows excessive childhood tv viewing could lead to anti-social behavior in adulthood. the bottom line for kids, watch no more than two hours of tv a day. preferably your overnight show. thank you very much. and the resume may soon become a thing of the past. because some tech-savvy companies are hiring based on tweets. one marketing executive says he refuses to look at resumes nowadays. he's now in the process of filling a six-figure position with twitter accounts. calling it a 140-character job
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interview. another employer said all that matters was the applicant's online personality. >> that's really interesting. >> i don't know how i feel about that. that's a little bizarre. >> yeah. i can't really -- you can't articulate anything in 140 characters. i have a hard time just talking about hey, i'm headed into work. online personalities, too? i feel like that's not a true reflection of who you are. >> keep moving further away from that one-on-one. >> i don't get it. we just told you about the prices of beef going up. if you can't deal with those, how about some bacon? >> bacon makes everything better. and they were going hog wild for it yesterday in milwaukee. get it? hog wild, bacon. ah yes, it's monday. it was the second annual bacon fest held in the garage of the harley davidson museum. some 1,200 bacon lovers showed up for the event and were
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treated to all things bacon. >> in addition to celebrate bacon, they were given a bacon scented car air freshener. what could possibly be better than that? car freshener? >> there is no better smell on the planet than bacon cooking. >> i completely agree. >> the greatest smell ever. >> in my car. you know when you're driving and you're like what is that smell, like momma has been cooking bacon and it gets in your clothes. now that's the smell you have in your car permanently. >> but i love bacon. i can roll like that. >> have you had chocolate with bacon in it? >> oh, yes. sunny hostin cooked it up for me. >> she cooked? >> long live the bacon. coming up, science fiction meets science fact. what may be the world's first fda approved bionic eye. cool stuff. and lessons in kink you may not forget for those curious about what they read in "50 shades of grey." you're watching "world news now."
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welcome back, everybody.
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an amazing medical breakthrough to tell you about right now that allows people who have lost their vision to see again. >> it's the first fda approved bionic eye. >> reporter: once just science fiction -- >> gentlemen, we could rebuild him. we have the technology. >> reporter: is now reality. this doctor spent 25 years working on a medical marvel you have to see to believe. >> i committed myself to developing a new way, a new approach. so those who are blind can have a foreseeable solution. >> reporter: it's the first fda approved eye implant. it's just a video camera attached to eye glasses. wirelessly transmitting images to the brain. it won't fully restore vision, but the fda says it may allow people to detect light and dark in the environment. essentially, the blind can see
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something, again. >> one of the things i can do now is laundry. my husband had to put the colored clothes together in a pile and with the glasses i can do that myself. >> reporter: cathy blake is 61. and has been blind for 23 years, but after a two-hour search, she has a new perspective. >> the glasses really help me be more outdoors with mobility, walking. >> reporter: right now the device is only approved for retinitis pigmentosa. a rare genetic disease that causes complete vision loss. only 100,000 people in the u.s. suffer from it. the hope is the device can be used to treat millions who can't see. >> i really think the future for this is going to be big. >> that really is incredible. and it did not come cheap at
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all, $100 million in public money and $100 million in private money to get to that technology. >> two clinical trials, 20 years of trying this. and this is the kind of story you always hear about some kind of development to help people who don't have an arm or leg, but sight is one of the most precious things that we have. to be able to finally, at least to some degree, recover that, that has to be incredible for those people. i can't even imagine. >> props to our tech and medical personnel. that made that woman's life a whole lot better. still ahead, it used to be a dark and shadowy kind of world. >> but thanks to a popular book series is now coffee talk. a look at real life "50 shades of grey" coming up next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ it is called mommy porn. the steamy trilogy "50 shades of grey" that has topped the best
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seller list. >> the series has brought the topic of kinky sex out into the open and you might be surprised by the people who practice it. abc's lisa ling has more. >> reporter: this is mistress nina pain. >> all you need to do is remember that your purpose is to serve and please me. >> reporter: she's a professional dominatrix. >> you can go ahead and greet me properly by kissing the tops of my boots. start from the bottom and work your way up. >> reporter: clients pay hundreds an hour to submit to her every whim, to be her submissive. she meets them in a dungeon here in los angeles. there are a variety of themed playrooms with names like the vault. >> i think i'm going to restrict you even further. >> reporter: this is just a small part of the world, a world
3:19 am
i immersed myself in, brought out of the shadows by the book, "50 shades of grey," bdsm has become main stream. professionals like kimmy are teaching regular people to engage in nonstandard sexual practices called kink. things like spanking. >> instead of going in with the flat palm like so, i prefer to slightly cup the hand. it's going to sound like i'm hitting him harder than i am. >> reporter: even before "50 shades of grey" made it popular, there were enthusiastic practitioners of bdsm. >> your endorphins are getting released and your nerves are getting mixed up and excited and your hormones are getting released and you're experiencing things that are both physical and psychological. and that results in an adrenaline rush. >> reporter: you don't have sex with your clients. in fact, you have a rule against it entirely. >> there's so much more going on. it's way more intense and intimate and way more psychological. i don't need to have sex with my
3:20 am
clients to get them to that place. >> reporter: talking openly about bdsm is still rare, and even with the "50 shades of grey" phenomena, people who engage in it do mostly in secret. part of life for many americans, exploring some very different shades. i'm lisa ling in los angeles. >> i'm not sure we know what to do with all that. >> i'm glad we do the show sitting down. o the show sitting down. can help you get there. (eszopiclone) like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. lunesta should not be taken together with alcohol. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur.
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ahh ! mmm ! ahh ! finally, there's cepacol sensations. serious sore throat medicine, seriously great taste. plus the medicine lasts long after the lozenge is gone. ahh ! mmm ! cepacol sensations. welcome everybody, to "the mix" on this monday morning. we told you a few days ago about maker mark's controversial decision. they were having some issues meeting the demand for their product around the globe.
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so they said look, we've got to shrink the alcohol content from 45% down to 42%. well, you can imagine the public said do not mess with my alcohol. and they have decided to bow to public pressure. so on sunday, the chief operating officer said they're restoring it back to 90 proof. they tweeted out, you spoke, we listened and within two hours of posting the statement on facebook they had 14,000 likes and 2,200 comments on the facebook page. so your maker's mark is restored to its fully alcoholic glory. >> we need to test it out right here, right now. come on, pull it out of your pocket. >> don't tell anybody. this next story is actually kind of interesting. marco rubio, as we know, gave the republican response to the state of the union. apparently, if we all remember, he took the sip of the water in the middle of it and twitter went crazy. he's capitalizing on this moment and apparently he's starting to sell marco rubio water bottles through his political action
3:25 am
committee. and they've sold more than 3,000 of these things already, and at $25 a pop, he's making a lot of money for his political action committee. and he's a favorite in the republican party. so probably going to use it presidential. moving on, i love this story. apparently a giant cookie has gone missing from germany. now, the company is called lina's cookie and it is the equivalent of the oreo here in america. two bandits took the cookie and sent a ransom note and said we want you to give 1,000 pounds to an animal hospital and free cookies to a children's hospital and signed it cookie monster. the real cookie monster tweeted, me no steal golden cookie, but willing to find thief. he's so cute.
3:26 am
and a very totally different note. ashley dupre, governor spitzer's call girl. she's been writing columns for the last three years in "the new york post." now they're putting all of the columns into a book called "tricks of the trade." you can find on your itunes and iphone. so there you go. >> she landed on her feet.
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this mng o this morning on "world news now," key evidence. what investigators in south africa discovered in oscar pistorius' murder case. >> the bloody bat, where it was found and what relatives are now saying about this very shocking crime. it is monday, february 18th. >> from abc news, this is "world
3:29 am
news now." >> good morning, i'm diana perez. >> and i'm rob nelson. we'll take you to south africa for the latest on the olympic athlete in the middle of this murder investigation. really interesting developing information over the weekend. the family is speaking out. a lot of questions. also shocking news in nashville. country music singer mindy mccready is found dead outside of her home. and the disturbing case of flight rage. a mother accuses a fellow airline passenger of assaulting her child. what's happening in the skies? >> not only what this man physically did to the kid, but also verbally what he said. that story has everybody angry and talking. that cute little kid right there. we'll get to that. and this morning, big questions about rihanna and chris brown. spotted together in the same nightclub, but were they together or not? we're going to try to sort it
3:30 am
out coming up in "the skinny." everyone was thinking they were all back together and cozy, but maybe not. we'll see. >> always find their way back into the news. for the first time since her daughter was allegedly killed by oscar pistorius, we're hearing from the mother of reeva steenkamp. >> in a published interview, she said all her family wants is answers why steenkamp had to die. and she calls her daughter the most beautiful person who ever lived. >> reporter: an explosive report in a major south african newspaper. the respected "city press" says multiple police sources confirm a bloody cricket bat found in oscar pistorius' home after the valentine day shooting of his cover model girlfriend is a key piece of evidence. possibly used in an argument leading up to her fatal shooting. police officials refused to comment on the new claim. appearing just as pistorius' family has been coming to his defense. >> i can promise you with the knowledge i've got, he will come up right. >> reporter: his father is quoted as saying, he shot reeva steenkamp accidentally, mistaking her for an intruder. what do you do if somebody is in
3:31 am
the house? he said, do you think it's one of your family? of course you don't. the victim's father also speaking out, offering surprising sympathy for a man he never even met, saying he must be going through things that we don't know about. there is no hatred in our hearts. and now controversy over the premiere of a reality show she had recently taped. a special tribute. but under fire for being insensitive, criticized for the use of her last words on the series. >> the way you go out and make your exit, it's so important. you've either made an impact in a positive or negative way. >> reporter: some have angrily called for the series to be canceled. but steenkamp's family supports the decision to air it, allowing her memory to live on, on national tv. now we turn to the passing of country star mindy mccready. the singer's body was found yesterday at her home in
3:32 am
arkansas, an apparent victim of suicide. her career had been derailed by her personal problems. she had battles with drugs and alcohol and had tried to kill herself in the past. just a few weeks ago in fact, her boyfriend died under mysterious circumstances. and her children were taken away from her. she was just 37 years old. we're learning more about the troubled background of adam lanza. a new investigation by pbs finds that lanza was diagnosed with a sensory disorder, was very shy and liked being touched only by his mother. as for the exposure to guns, friends say lanza's mother nancy loved shooting because it helped her bond with her son. >> extraordinary reporting. this is kind of one of the summary graphs of the story, what emerges in this exploration of a still unfolding story is a portrait of a mother apparently devoted but perhaps misguided, struggling is to find her son a place in society.
3:33 am
and a boy exceptionally smart in some areas, profoundly deficient in others, who never found a place in the world. >> it's just so sad because of the outcome of this. you think when you look at what happened in their life, you think if she had just made a different decision somewhere along the way, this could have been avoided. and everybody points to the guns, and that being the wrong decision that she made. but perhaps it's not the guns. maybe it's the type of help she got for her son and it wasn't adequate enough. >> people have made a point about seven of the last eight mass shootings in this country, all but one had severe mental illnesses that did not get checked or treated in enough time to stop the tragedy that they then helped instigate. so it's a sad story all the way around. but check out that article. extraordinary reporting. >> they went deep and found a lot of information that isn't out there. the founder of wikileaks says his run for the senate in
3:34 am
australia is a way to prevent criminal charges from being filed against him in the u.s. julian assange spoke from london where he was granted asylum in june. his supporters in australia have put his name in the run for the senate. pope benedict is behind closed doors for traditional lenten prayer. and some reflection. thousands gathered yesterday to say goodbye to the pope. benedict will host his last blessing next sunday followed by a final general audience on february 27th, the day before he officially steps down. an amazing fact about friday's meteor strike in russia. shockwaves were felt by nuclear sensors halfway around the world. friday's mid-air explosion over central russia had the force of 30 hiroshima nuclear bombs. russian officials say that more than half of the glass that was broken has been replaced. several so-called meteor pieces are already on sale on ebay, but
3:35 am
as the saying goes, buyer beware. >> 1 million square feet of glass shattered when that hit. think about that, a million square feet. >> that is incredible. i need to go to my backyard and get some rocks. >> some meteor rocks. >> of course. just got to clarify, the meteor rocks that showered my backyard. just a week after getting slammed by that monster blizzard, parts of the northeast are digging out from yet another big storm. northern new england got the worst of it with some cities in maine battered by nearly a foot of blowing snow. cape cod was hit by 50-mile-an-hour winds and boston buried under a half foot. several inches fell on new york's long island. a brutal two weeks in this area of the country. and the blizzard-like conditions are lingering this morning, leaving behind some bitter cold air. >> meteorologist jim dickey is tracking this storm. good morning, jim. >> good morning rob and diana. the snowstorm is pulling away from maine but blizzard warnings will stay in effect until 4:00
3:36 am
p.m. in some cases. maybe from the bangor area on eastward here. the snow winding down. as we see blowing and drifting snow and it will still be dangerous out there. low visibilities and certainly cold here. across the northeast this morning, many spots in the single digits. down to 9 in syracuse. 12 in buffalo. and looking for the threat of severe weather in the lower mississippi valley late in the day. rob and diana, back to you. >> our thanks to jim. and here's the rest of your monday forecast. storms will bring rain to memphis, little rock, new orleans and houston. rain changes over to snow in chicago this evening. blizzard conditions from the dakotas to northern michigan. rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest. >> 40s from seattle to portland. 12 in fargo. 30 in the twin cities. upper 60s from dallas to the big easy. all right. because this is one of the unlikeliest reunions we ever thought we would see, this is the reason this is our favorite story of the day. it happened over the weekend in the great city of chicago. >> former heavyweight champ evander holyfield was promoting
3:37 am
a new barbecue sauce when mike tyson showed up. back in 1997, they weren't so buddy buddy, though. that's when tyson bit off a piece of holyfield's ear during a title fight. >> that was an infamous moment in sports history. tyson said it's become a positive because of the love and forgiveness that is involved. iron mike, never a dull moment. i guess he showed up looking for a body parts aisle. and said oh, there's evander holyfield and said let's make amends and they got together. it's good. >> can we just talk about the fact that evander holyfield, heavyweight champion of the world is promoting barbecue sauce at a supermarket? >> some folks don't make their money last. there's no way you should be hocking barbecue sauce. >> these are like the two heavyweight champs of the world. >> one's hocking barbecue sauce.
3:38 am
one shows up -- this is delicious. i'm going to put this on some brisket. >> it's sad. it's sad. coming up next, what can be done to control out of control anger on airline flights? and later on, who is complaining about "sports illustrated's" latest swimsuit edition? not this guy. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather brought to you by delsum. [ female announcer ] switch to swiffer sweeper,
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deep breaths before you read this. deep breaths. >> you know how we have our favorite story of the day? this is my least favorite story of the day. flying can be frustrating, but there is absolutely 100% no excuse for what police say a man did aboard a flight from minneapolis to atlanta. >> he's accused of smacking a crying toddler in the face to try to get the little guy to be quiet. air rage is something that's actually on the rise.
3:43 am
>> reporter: when jessica bennett and her 19-month-old adopted son jonah boarded a flight from minneapolis to atlanta, just days ago, she never expected to tell this violent story. >> he had came at him like that, so it was, you know, came down that way at jonah's eye right here. >> reporter: jessica and fbi investigators say another passenger, 60-year-old joe hundley, assaulted her little boy on that flight when jonah started to cry. he reportedly told mom, shut that n word baby up. >> i said, what did you just say? he was so drunk that he fell onto my face and his mouth moved over to my ear. >> reporter: then she says hundley slapped the child. >> when i had looked at jonah's face, his eye was swollen here and bleeding. >> reporter: authorities say cases of air rage are up about 30%. earlier this year, a passenger was so drunk and unruly, he was bound with duct tape by fellow passengers. and those memorable outbursts from flight attendants seemingly fed up, but air rage incidents involving children almost unheard of. jonah's dad has a message. >> i hope he's embarrassed.
3:44 am
you know, i hope he feels ashamed. >> reporter: the fbi telling us hundley is expected to turn himself in to face that assault charge. his attorney says we shouldn't rush to judgment just yet. he plans to plead not guilty. geo benitez, abc news, new york. >> he has been suspended from his job because of that company's personal conduct policy. just in case you're wondering about that. >> they are better people than i am. i would have beat him so hard and for so long, they would have had to tear me off of him. i can't -- >> that's the queen coming out. momma don't take that mess. i get it. >> you see right here? >> boom. >> in his eyeball, so hard! >> i get it. >> you don't mess with your baby. >> with anybody's baby. >> for the record, people forget this, the n word means an ignorant person, not a black person.
3:45 am
so as far as i'm concerned, the only n word on that plane was the dude himself. we'll leave it at that. coming up, beyonce's big debut, and this is not one of her music videos. and tim tebow could be making a very controversial move. it's all coming up next in "the skinny." "world news now" continues after
3:46 am
♪ skinny, so skinny
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♪ skinny, so skinny skinny in the house! >> there it is, willis. waking us up on a monday morning. rihanna and chris brown back in the news. all these rumors they were back together, they've been spotted all over the place. even a rumor that she had a ring on at the grammys. they were at the same nightclub in hollywood on thursday night, which was valentine's day. however, they did not come together and did not want to be seated next to each other. she told her staff to sit her as far away from him as possible. they said she looked startled and upset when he arrived at the club about an hour and a half after she did. so now maybe some speculation either they have broken up or had a big fight or something is -- shockingly, all is not peaceful and well with chris brown. so just the latest from that relationship. we all know that beyonce is famous or infamous for being extremely private. she got married, nobody knew
3:48 am
about it. pictures barely came out. now she has a documentary coming out. it aired friday, i apologize. it's called "life is but a dream." apparently in this hbo series, for those that haven't seen it, we finally get to see blue ivy in all of her glory and beauty. she is the is the most adorable baby. i have to say there are pictures on the internet out there of her, but they're grainy and she's covered. you can't see much of her. but looking at her in these pictures, she is the most precious little girl i've never seen. anyway, very interesting here, there's no couture gowns, there's no huge production. this is just beyonce being a mom with her baby giving her a bottle, cuddling with her, doing the momma thing. she says this was about connecting all the dots. family members, it's just a really good moment and i'm so glad we're getting to see this cute little baby.
3:49 am
>> i tivoed it for wednesday morning. she's a simple girl from houston despite her stardom. tim tebow back in the news. we all know he's a very religious guy and speaks to churches frequently. this latest booking is not sitting too well. he's going to speak at the first baptist church, but the pastor there, robert jeffris, is well known to be anti-gay and anti-semantic. so now people are wondering tim, why would you speak at a church like this with a pastor like that guy. and could this be a pr disaster in the making for tebow? it's not clear what his message will be to the 11,000 members of that church. they have not released that just yet. already some early controversy, because this pastor has said some highly controversial things in the past. apparently tebow will be there. >> tebow does a lot of speaking at different churches. this one, though, interesting choice. >> he may want to rethink that
3:50 am
one. hugh grant welcomes a son. you may remember hugh grant in 2011 had a baby girl with a woman named ting lang hong. >> oh, ting. >> poor little ting ting. any way, she -- they said this is because of a fleeting affair, but now they're having a second child together. so i wonder how fleeting it was? anyway, congratulations to him. he just wanted to say he was the one that will introduce the little girl to the world -- or little boy to the world, not the journalists. journalists. like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. lunesta should not be taken together with alcohol. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur.
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alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness, and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then find out how to get lunesta for as low as fifteen dollars at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta.
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♪ let's face it here, the annual "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition is published to bring a little pleasure into reader's lives. >> just a little bit. this year it's sparking controversy. some people are calling the photos insensitive. but not because of the scantily clad ladies.
3:54 am
it's what is in the background sparking the fuss. >> reporter: with a white hot cover shot of model kate upton, this year's "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue made a big splash with buzz about photo shoots on all seven continents. but this year, beautiful models in barely there bikinis are sharing airtime with controversy brewing over some photos and video "si" posted online that did not make it into the magazine. particularly these taken in africa and this shot from china. some are calling them, at best, culturally insensitive. >> for me the african picture was the most offensive because it played on some of the most old and stereotypical images. it showed the african as primitive. almost uncivilized. >> reporter: on the website "jezebel," the editor is also critical of the photos, writing, using people of color as
3:55 am
background or extras is a popular fashion trope. although it's prevalent, it's very distasteful. people are not props. one of the models talks about her shoot on the website. >> it was such a cool experience. something completely different than anything i've ever seen or someone i've met in my life. >> reporter: some people we spoke with didn't see a problem with the photos. >> as a traveler myself, i love seeing these places and seeing other cultures. so i think it's great they're showing this in magazines. >> reporter: proving once again that controversy, just like beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder. tanya rivero, abc news, new york. >> some things are important, some things are not. come on, now. the swimsuit -- oh, yeah. >> in your element. >> that was the greatest assignment i ever had. >> this is all i have to say about it, and take it for what it's worth. i feel like a lot of these
3:56 am
places sometimes aren't going to -- you'll never see these places and in a lot of ways it's a service to them, in a lot of ways, to be on any kind -- >> it's promotional. >> any kind of spotlight. and it's a cool spotlight. they went to all seven continents. i think it's pretty interesting. >> i think the world has bigger problems than whatever. >> that's for sure. >> i'll call kate upton.
3:57 am
3:58 am
and this morning, winter's wrath. >> dramatic changes in the weather to end the holiday weekend. rain in the west, as a major snowmaker churns toward the great lakes and the northeast, a region digging out yet again. breaking overnight, a country star's suicide, mindy mccready, who saw soaring success before a string of troubles, is found dead. soaring prices. gasoline selling at historic highs, going up and up for more than a month, with no clear
3:59 am
reason exactly why. his now notorious reach for water is helping marco rubio rake in some serious bucks, but don't spare him a swipe by "saturday night live." happy presidents' day, everyone. we begin with a powerful storm about to sweep across much of the country. >> it's blowing in from the pacific ocean tonight. ready to stir up some wild weather in southern california. heavy rain, hail, and a foot of mountain snow. the storm will stretch to the nation's midsection. it comes as florida braces for another frigid morning. in the sunshine state. and new england digging out from yet another storm. with wind gusts out of the north gusting up to 50 or 60 miles an hour, some northeast states, buried by historic snowfall are getting another arctic blast. maine getting the worst of it.


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